If you have a sensitive scalp or even just prefer to wash your wig before wear we suggest these steps! 

De-Tangle your wig as this will make it easier to wash. Before washing, make sure to carefully detangle the hair using a wide tooth comb or a paddle brush. Do not pull or drag on the hair as this can damage the wig.


Now time to wash your wig. Fill a bowl with COLD water (DO NOT USE HOT, heat damages the synthetic fibres of the wig).

When rinsing remember to fully immerse your wig in a fresh bowl of cold water to remove the shampoo & conditioner, we suggest leaving conditioner on your wig for 5 minutes to let it soak. We also suggest trying your best to not get inside the wig wet as this may damaged the clips and hair cap. 

It’s very common for wigs to shed a little during washing as this is just getting rid of loose hairs so don’t stress if this happens to you! It’s normal.

Pat out any excess water with a towel and leave somewhere to dry, NEVER use a hairdryer as this can damage your wig. 

Gently shake your wig once dry and it should return to its same styled state, if curly you can add some heat and make these curls tighter if need be or if straight, go over with some straighteners to fix any stray hairs.


We suggest wearing a wig cap if you have quite long hair. This prevents it from slipping out the wig throughout wear or it getting in your way when applying your wig.

Hold your wig by the clips at the back on the base.

Place the front of the wig on your forehead and tilt your head upside down, pull the back of the wig down to the nape of your neck and pull it completely over your hair and wig cap (if wearing one). Secure the two back clips together.

Flip head back up and make sure that the base of the wig is comfortable and centred at the front and back, you can adjust it a little before finally sliding the front clips into your own hair/under your wig cap.

Your hairline should be a 4-finger-width from your eyebrows, for the most natural look so make sure you check this incase you pull your wig too far down. To finish off you can even pull some front and side baby hairs out to make your wig look more natural. Concealer can also be added to the part of the wig to make it match your skin colour.

Give the hair a quick brush through, and there you go. Done!