All the tips and tricks you need to look after and apply your Becca Lashes.


Handle With Care

Always remember to remove your lashes from the box by the band, this prevents damage to the lash and means you won't mishape any hairs by tugging at them. Do this slowly and gently with your fingers or tweezers, we suggest removing the lash from the end which is the thickest.


Measure & Trim

Measure the lashes against your natural lash line and make sure they aren't too long, this can be done by holding the lash against your lash line, making sure to start from where your baby lashes grow. This will make sure your eyes aren't in any discomfort from having a band that doesnt fit your eye shape. Then proceed to cut any excess off with clean scissor, make sure you're trimming excess away from the outer part of the eyelash.



Apply some lash glue along the entire band of the lashes. Add a little extra at the outer and inner corner edges, as these tend to dry up quicker.

Wait till tacky and then apply to your natural lash line, the easiest way to do this is by using tweezers, as these give way more precision than using fingers. Be careful not to get too close to your eye and voila - a stunning pair of Becca Lashes seamlessly blending in with your own.



Becca Lashes recommend DUO lash glue, it easily makes your lashes last all day. 



After using your Becca Lashes make sure to clean the glue off the lash band. This can be done many ways but here is what we like to do.

For quickness - gently peel any glue off the lash band with your fingers or some tweezers, be cautious not to disturb the hair as this could damage the lash. For a more hygienic clean, take a cotton bud and some cleanser or micellar water and gently glide this along the band. This gets all the glue off but does take a little longer than the first option. 

After cleaned pop your lashes back in the box or tray for storage and there you have a fresh clean lash set ready for use again.